A girl taking drugsYouth and Drugs:

Drugs, the name we all are familiar to when it comes to health or addiction. Now as it is taken as an addiction so its influence is mostly on teens and children. Many Parents are worried that their teenage children might be using or might have used drugs. Sometimes Drugs can have a major effect on health or lead to injuries most often too serious psychological illness. This long term dependence can be very hazardous. The term “Drug” usually brings to mind the illicit (illegal) substances such as Amphetamines, Cannabis, Cocaine, Ecstasy and the Deadly Heroin. The legal drugs used mostly through inappropriate ways by teenagers is Tobacco and Alcohol. Lets further discuss About Youth and Drugs.


  • Now the question is why is youth addicted to drugs?

The Answer is plain and easily comprehended. Being a youth one has the urge to try new things. Youngsters usually try things that can bring them ecstasy. The easiest way to that is by doing drugs. Even if one is on drugs, he can never be easily caught as there are many ways to conceal your drug addictive measures. Being on drugs seems fun when others are doing it. The coolest way to socialize amongst teen is through drugs. As mentioned earlier drugs have great influence over youngsters. They believe drugs take them on an exhilarating journey. one never hears a drug addict complain about his addiction surprisingly he would be enjoying it. Seeing your peers and sometimes elders smoking can make you wonder what it would be like if I start doing the same!. Combination of Youth and Drugs is so dangerous.

All this is watches and learn the game, If one falls in its bait it is difficult to escape. Alcohol addicts can hardly quit on their addiction, They have considered drinking as their only purpose in life. Teens are easily deluded and gullible so the emphasis of drugs addiction starts from them. That was Point one related to Youth and Drugs.boy taking drugs


  • How to notice if a teenager is on Drugs?

It is not rocket science. The addict would be found Droopy with huge eye bags. His class performance would be equal to nothing. The level of his concentration would begin to fall slowly and reach a level where he would be completely senseless. The addicts’ behavior would witness shifts or mood swings. Due to high dose of drugs, the drug addict would feel lethargic.

Hygiene and outer appearance would fall, the person would appear more like an outer space creature rather than a normal looking human. Some drug addicts consider taking drugs as the only purpose in life. The rate of using drugs is high, usually, in a group of five people, three would be hardcore drug addicts. That was Point two related to Youth and Drugs.boys taking drugs in street


  • Remedies to overcome drug addiction

Now how to get your child or friend our of drug addiction?

Before things turn ugly and hard to control. It’s better to nip the evil in the bud. If one of your child/friend/siblings is a drug addict talk to him/her about its demerits. Give him time to think over the bad things that drugs have caused upon him. Now, when he has finally realized the bad effect of drugs take him for proper counseling to completely eradicate him off the habit.medicine pic for drugges concept

Educate the drug addict about the issues concerned with taking drugs in an illegal way. In all this process of interrogation do not judge the addict as it would hurt its ego causing them to set back. Inform the Drug victim about the safe limits of using drugs. The effect of drugs on their health and physical level can be life-threatening. Teach them other ways of finding amusement. Such as in painting, music, Sketching, dancing etc. As the process of addiction developed slowly, so it will cease slowly as well. One should observe patience while dealing with a drug addict. The sentimental level of drug addicts are always high so one should avoid using demeaning and discouraging words or discourse.

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