weight loss lessons to learn

What should everyone know about weight loss?

There’s so much information related to weight loss that everyone should know about.

I’m keeping it short and simple so that it can be interesting and to the point.

Let’s dig in.

weight loss lessons

Lesson #1- All diets work in the short term, but usually fail in the long run

Why does this happen?

This is the most common issue that happens with almost everyone. The main reason is that, because human boy has evolved so much in the recent time and has adopted highly advanced physiological survival techniques. The body has become very smarter and quickly adjusts.

So, in order to make our body fool, we have to change our diet plan every two to three weeks.

A weight reducing diet that has worked for a person today, may not work from 5, 10 or even 20 years from now. Same as the diet that has worked for previous people does not work now! (It happens in most cases).

Almost every diet makes the following recommendations:

  • Drink loads of water
  • Eat protein
  • Exercise
  • Blah blah blah..

The best way to analyze your diet is to try and test what is working and what is not.

Lesson #2- You can do exercise with a crappy diet and will still lose or maintain your weight with proper physique

weight loss exercises

It’s a misconception that most people believe that, if you just exercise more, you will lose weight.

Yes, exercise is so much important for you to remain healthy and fit. It increases your metabolism, build muscles and burn calories.

But, the bitter truth is that it is very hard for body to lose weight by only doing exercises and not to take care of your diet.

Practically speaking, if you do a high intensity workout for 45 minutes to one hour, you will most likely to burn 100-400 calories, and after workout you go to home and eat pasta or burger or pizza (to treat yourself that you have done a marvelous job by working out so much), it would harm you and your body instead of benefit.

The solution is to control your diet and be in calorie deficit. If you’re eating 2000+ calories in a day, then with exercise you should eat 1500 calories then narrow it down to 1000 then so on.

Lesson #3- You need to sleep to lose weight

Sleep is very essential to human body and fulfils different purposes. The lack of It can damage your health and can wreak havoc your waist line.

Let me explain how;

Human body has so many hormones that controls and stimulates different functions. But, right now we are talking about only two of them which are ghrelin and leptin.

Ghrelin is a hormone which tells your body when to eat and on the other hand leptin tells your body when to stop eating.

When you’re sleep, leptin level goes down and ghrelin level goes up.

So now you have less hormones that tell you to stop eating, and more of the hormones that tell you to eat during your sleep.

Many young people are sleep deprived nowadays and are like zombies. They don’t sleep during night and sleeps during day. This also causes very bad impact on your health.

So yes, high quality sleep is very essential every night.

Below, I’m giving you few tips you can use to get better sleep.

  • Remove all lights from your sleeping area
  • Limit caffeine and large volumes of fluid before bed
  • Deep breathing or meditation
  • Daily exercise

Lesson #4 the bulk of your program should have you performing the big, compound lifts, but…

You’re bulking, but it doesn’t mean that you have to do the big three:


While the big three exercises are awesome in every perspective and can strengthen your core and body in an awesome way, but they are not equally marvelous for everyone.

Basically, different people have different body types, endomorph, and isomorph etc. So, the movements might not be beneficial for everyone and can cause disaster instead.

You can either be not so strong enough but get impressed by heavy lifters in your gym with good looking physique. Don’t worry I’m listing down some exercises that you can do if you’re a beginner and can move your stamina and strength up, alongside.


Instead of Squats you can do LEG PRESS, SQUAT SPLITS, and LUNGES etc.

Instead of deadlifts you can do CHINUPS, PULL-UPS and BENT-OVER ROWS etc.


Lesson # 5 Myths about diets and weight loss

Myth: Fad diets are a good way for me to lose weight and keep it off.


Fat diets aren’t the best weight loss diets to lose your weight permanently. These types of diets can help you lose weight fast, but these changes are not permanent.

You might get results in 10 or 15 days but these diets are so much strict that you can’t be able to keep up with them.

Also, your body will adopt changes and will not respond afterwards.


Lesson # 6: Myth: Grain products like bread, pasta, and rice make me fat.

I should avoid them when trying to lose weight.


Everything which is eaten in access, can bring harm to your body.

Grains are divided into two groups: whole grains and refined grains.

It is very good for your body to eat whole grain products like brown rice, brown bread etc. as they provide necessary nutrition’s to body alongside carbs.

Lesson # 7 Myths about food

Myth: Some people can eat all they want and still lose weight.


In order to lose weight, you have to burn more than you eat. Some people who ate so much and still lose weight is because of the reason their bodies are burning much more calories and converting them to energy.

If you have someone like that, just observe they are hyper active in their daily lives. They eat and burn more. it also depends on genetics, medications and daily life style.

Lesson # 8 Do more exercise, eating less?

You have to understand the fact, that by eating less and doing exercise can help you shed a few pounds but it might not be good for your health. Eating healthy and exercise alongside, can do wonders to your health and of course you can reduce your weight easily.

Lesson # 9 Calories

Eating more is okay. YES. Eating more is alright as far as you’re eating healthy. But eating more amount of calories is not good. For example, what would be the difference in eating boiled and fried chicken? Obviously calories.

As long as you’re consuming lower amount of calories you’re good to go.

I am mentioning some points which can help you further:

  • Lesson 10: Always keep track of your calories in take
  • Lesson 11: Change your diet once in 10 days
  • Lesson 12: Eat healthy and don’t compromise on it
  • Lesson 13: Cheat meal is alright, but not cheat day
  • Lesson 14: Always track how much you walk, because numbers matter
  • Lesson 15: Don’t Netflix and eat. It would be disastrous
  • Lesson 16: Exercise frequently, even if you are feeling lazy just go to the gym for 10 – 15 minutes do some reps and come home. It would be enough
  • Lesson 17: Water fast for once in a month
  • Lesson 18: When dining out, always calculate how much amount of calories will you be taking
  • Lesson 19: Don’t compromise on your health and diet and exercise regime
  • Lesson 20: Don’t overeat. If you have excess amount on your plate. Just pack or give it to anyone. Just don’t overeat
  • Lesson 21: Take your pictures daily and make a slideshow so that you can be self-motivated
  • Lesson 22: Don’t get upset when people are not noticing your changes. Always remember. It takes time!
  • Lesson 23: Last but not the least: LOVE YOURSELF NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS.

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