• Doctor treat the patient properly

A Patient always expects from a Doctor that the doctor will do proper treatment. A Doctor will see the symptoms only and Doctor should not do any extra treatment which makes no impact on the patient body. Sometimes a doctor prescribes unnecessary which may later contain the bad impact on someone’s health. Mostly bad impacts doing by unnecessary treatment. Following we are discussing what patient expect from a doctor.beautiful doctor

  • Fear from Doctor

Everyone patient wants that during treatment doctor should not harm me if necessary then very little harm only. No one accepts that a doctor should give him or her big harm. You can also say during the operation if there are more than 20 stitches needed then a doctor should reduce it and make that place or body fewer stitches but fully covered. It is because stitches always leave their signs on the body. Also, people fear from the injection of the doctor in which mostly are children.

  • Doctor treatment should not make infections

Sometimes unclean dress, gloves, shoes or their hospital environment spreading infections too. Hospital is a place where every type of patients comes. From Aids to Cancer and from serious injury to normal injury. If the above all will not clean then they will spread more diseases and will cause many patients infection. So, Doctors should treat in clean environments.

  • Methods and techniques of a doctor

A doctor should use proper techniques and methods when doing a treatment.

Patients always expect from doctors that doctor will do a proper checkup of me. They think, a doctor is experienced and will not use any unnecessary methods and techniques of treatments. Also, a doctor will not use any bad method. doctor in theater

  • The behavior of other staff along with a doctor

A Patient also wants that the other staff with a doctor should be polite and honest with me. Sometimes a doctor is great, his treatment way also great but other staff along doctor is not honest and do misbehave or treat to a patient like an animal. This type of behaviors make the patient idea about that clinic and doctor is negative. If someone spending on his treatment in a private hospital then he must want everything perfect. Also if the hospital of Govt then he should also think that my taxes are going on the wrong way. Maybe that patient uses legal way if something patient sees wrong.Doctor with staff

  • Prescribe original medicine

Some doctors are working with companies on commission. The Company make medicine and arrange a meeting with a doctor through a Medical Representative. With a doctor, they decide that you will prescribe our medicine for patients who have these problems. We will give you commission on the sale of our medicine. So most companies do changes in medicine. Reduce the cost of medicine and take their margin after commission. So most patients are the victims of this situation, especially in South Asia. A doctor should describe only original medicine.

  • Minimum cost better treatment

As you know patients want that doctor to prescribe only original medicine but also they want doctor should do better treatment, better medicine, and less cost. If there will minimum cost and maximum treatment then this is the main key of a doctor success. Soon he will get Goodwill in the society. Not only will get goodwill but also will get more money. If a doctor will famous then a lot of patients will come for that doctor from far. People also recommend only this type of doctor to their friends and relatives.

Doctor removing acne

Finally, a doctor should be honest with the patient. Doctor treats like a father if a man, or mother if female. People always respect those doctors who care like a father or mother to their patient.

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