what is the best weight loss diet

What is the best weight loss diet?

Calories deficit!

Calories deficit!

Calories deficit!

Calories deficit!

Calories deficit!

This is the main and best weight loss diet tip you can follow to reduce your weight drastically. You can follow any diet plan from any health nutrition, but remember you have to reduce your calories in-take in order to reduce your weight.

But, thats not it. Below, i have compiled some unique weight loss tips that could help you reduce weight and will make you healthy.

1. A weight loss diet does not mean skipping meals

2. Chew 30 times each time-slow down the eating speed

3. Stand more and sit less as much as you can

4. Eat more light things

5. Record weight changes every 4 days (or longer: 5 days, a week)

The best weight loss diet can be to reduce your carbohydrate intake to 500 per day.

It will reduce your weight and you will look good.

500 calories diet plan


2 pieces bran bread

1 egg white

1 cup black coffee


250 grams cucumber

1 apple or banana


3 pieces bran bread

250 grams chicken

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