What are some long term effects of the Keto diet (pros and cons)?

Pros of the ketogenic diet:

1. It reduces insulin levels (and inflammation).

2. It possibly leads to weight loss.

3. You’ll end up eating more (hopefully healthy) fat.

4. It’s a great way to detox from sugar.

Cons of the ketogenic diet:

1. It can be quite difficult to follow.

2. Many people end up eating fats that aren’t so healthy.

3. It may not promote significant long-term weight loss.

4. You won’t be eating as much heart-healthy, gut-healthy, satiating fiber.

If you want to do the ketogenic diet, and give it a try, here’s what I recommend:

Choose the healthiest fats you can to make up the 70 to 80 percent: egg, avocado (watch out, though; these do have a few net carbs), and almonds (they do have some net carbs, but the fiber is helpful) are my favorite picks.

Include as many greens as you can—they’re lower in carbs and packed with nutrients.

Try to get organic/grass-fed animal products whenever you can, including cheeses, eggs, other dairy products, and animal meats of all kinds.

Drink plenty of water. With more fat and less fiber (generally), you can get a little constipated, so water helps.

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