• As we all know that hairs are the most important part of our personality. That’s why we should take good care of our hairs. As hair falls is becoming a growing problem nowadays in men, women as well as in kids. So precautionary steps must be taken in order to prevent hair fall and from getting it more worst. How to stop hair fall and grow new hair? Below are tips for hair fall issues.Stop hair fall and grow new hair
  • Prevent hair problem

  • To prevent hair problem your diet must occupy all those ingredients which are necessary for hair growth. There are several drinks which consist of essential vitamins necessary for hair loss. Each one is bursting with vitamins you can make them yourself in no time at all. As orange is rich in vitamin C which is useful for preventing dandruff and useful for hair shine.

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  • Hair Fall Reasons

  • Hair goes through different phases, it grows absorbs nutrients and after time, it falls out in order to make room for new hair. In this process its normal to lose up to 100 strands of hair a day during this stage what’s not normal is excessive hair loss that significantly reduces hair volume who suffer from here loss really notice the effects when brushing coming hot towel drying their hair as well as in other situations when handling there hair reasons why your hair might be falling out.Stop hair fall and grow new hair
  • Prolonged Exposure to stress
  • Prolonged exposure to stress is one of the possible causes of hair loss the hair loss occurs as a result of an increased production of cortisol. Which is a hormone that negatively effects hairs health apart from that self-medication could also lead to hair fall. There are many medications out there that include excessive hair loss as one of their symptoms.
  • Taking these medications for a long period of time weakens hair follicles. Things out thereon deficiency major problem of the hair loss is anemia that results from iron deficiency. Low iron levels in the bloodstream do not allow capillary cells to get the oxygen that they need which leads to weaker strands.
    Excessive oil

    For hair that is strong and healthy, its natural oils have to be balanced if Sebaceous glands produce too much oil it can lead to a variety of problems. The sebum builds up in here policies block their oxygen and nutrient flow. In addition, it also leads to dandruff.bald man

    Scalp infections

    The scalp is one of the body’s most delicate areas of skin. If we don’t take care of it properly you have higher risks of suffering from bacterial or fungal infections. These conditions don’t just hurt hair follicles but they also lead to allergies and other symptoms.

    Consuming tobacco or alcohol

  • The toxins in alcohol and cigarette lead to reduced blood supply for hair follicles using these products frequently harms cells and increase the risk of excessive hair loss.

    Certain Illnesses

  • There are many chronic illnesses that imply hair loss whether it results from a weekend immune system or from complications in absorbing nutrients such illnesses can weaken your hair.
  • Hormonal changes: Hair loss that results from hormonal changes occurs more frequently in women it often occurs after a pregnancy it’s a temporary form of hair loss that normally stops naturally when hormonal activity normalizes.

    Vitamin causes hair loss

    As we all know that vitamins play an important role to maintain one’s health.

  • Does Vitamin D do? The lack of vitamin D could lead to hair loss and other hair follicle problems. Therefore, it is necessary to get sunshine for about 30 minutes daily in order to fulfill the requirement vitamin D.

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  • Hair fall reversible

  • There are several reasons that hair fall could be permanent. Depending on how long a person has been suffering from trichotillomania, the hair loss might be reversible. If sufficient damage has occurred to the follicles, the pulled out hair might not return. This can be hair loss of the scalp, eyebrows, and eyelashes. After treating the condition, a patient can see a hair restoration surgeon learn the extent of the damage to the scalp and the best way to treat the hair loss.hair fall

Best for hair loss

The severe hair loss condition is scientifically termed as alopecia areata. Alopecia areata cannot be cured but it can be treated you have the choice to wait for your hair to grow back and not do any specific treatment don’t worry there are some simple remedies you can try at home for this remedy pick some coconut oil and massage it to your scalp for about 15 minutes then leave it for an hour and rinse it with cold water do this to two three times in a week to get some good results for this remedy take an onion and extract some juice and apply it to your scalp and leave it about 15 minutes this will give you very good results.

Remedy 3:

Essential oils like grapes seed lavender promote hair regrowth essential oils have shown considerable results when it comes to treating hair fall for this remedy you will need 3 drops off coconut oil and 3 drops of geranium oil afterward mix the oils in a container and store it in refrigerator wash your hair and dry them apply few drops of this oil and massage the scalp teeth repeat twice a week for best results.

  • How to avoid hair fall at the age of 20:

Lots of questions have been arrived from teenagers and especially in 18 or 20 use years and girls who have been facing a lot of hair problems so first of all question arises hair fall occur at such an early age. The important cause of hair loss at this age is nutritional dietary deficiencies, especially if there is Iron deficiency or vitamin b12 deficiency or multivitamin deficiency diet deficiency in mineral, protein then majority of patient and young youth  suffer from hair fall but some pathological conditions like thyroid gland these are hormonal defects which leads to excessive hair fall.

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hair fall reason

Stress causes hair fall

Nowadays stress in youth is tremendous. This stress is causing excessive hair loss, irregularity in sleeping or irregularity in taking food so all these are causing excessive hair loss. Few are the cases in young youth where there is a family history of hair loss which is androgenetic hair loss. Which we call it is in family either father mother or uncle they might be having baldness. So family patients if they are having baldness then it may be the start of baldness process in you too. Remember there are so many causes of Losing hair that’s why it is better to investigate go to a Dermatologist or a proper doctor who will investigate you what’s the problem.

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Once you know the cause treats the cause and then your hair loss would be stopped or it would be minimized. If you lose 50 to 100 hairs daily there is no need to worry about because it’s a normal hair fall. The body has the capacity to regenerate it but if you are going through serious thyroid issues then must consult a doctor to treat it accordingly. You should read the cause for baldness there is very good treatment and for hair loss, there is very good treatment as well. Try to take treatments and your hair loss can be controlled.woman hand on hair

  • Remedy that really worked

There are many products and shampoos which are beneficial for hair loss. But the most economical and effective when comes to hearing loss is anti-dandruff Vatika. It is the best mid-range product. Which could be used by all in order to protect the hairs sham severe dandruff. There is also a remedy which is very beneficial especially in summers. Because as you know well that in summers all skins become dry. Due to that majority of people suffer through dandruff.

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Often use some homemade remedies, in order to have no dandruff and less hair fall to prepare the prescription. All you need to have a cucumber and two lemons. Simply extract the juice out of cucumber and then pour it into a bowl. Kindly at the nectar of two lemons to the cut cucumber juice. Afterward gently apply it on your hair and leave it for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes have been passed gently rinse it with warm water. This would not only strengthen your hair. But would also reduce the and also softens the hair as well as shiny.

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