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In this 21st Century, persons residing within the technology era. Social media is also  playing an important role there. The information technology, digital technology, applied sciences, and wireless technology are square measures at breath-taking speeds. The improvement of these technologies leads to the especially the information and communication technologies (ICT). Which include computers, tablets, smartphones, software applications, and the internet had brought the society to the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’, the ‘new economy’ or the ‘information age’.

In this info epoch, human depends on technological devices in their daily lifestyles as these technologies bring tons of conveniences to them. In today life style social media is playing very important role all over the world.

Social media In recent past years

Recent years, social media is not only the platform for people around the world to upload, download and review information they required, but it has transformed to become a more mature place. It also becomes a place that is full of potential for many companies and individuals to promote their goods and services which also called as e-commerce and e-business.

This platform provides a convenient place for all people especially those that are busy with their job task and required to monitor the goods online. Online cash transactions conjointly turning into thus common for all net users within the buying the products without moving a single step out from home. Beside helping entrepreneurs, social media is also transforming the lives of students, enabling them to access digital libraries and literature from every nook and corner of the world, thus enhancing their analytical skills and creativity.

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  • Social sites are the Best Way to Enhance our Connectivity

It is a simple thanks to connecting with the like folks. You are simply one click away from a fantastic variety of such people. Regardless of location and faith, social networks are useful in invigorating and conserving relationships with people.
It has become easier for us to attach with business people, family, and friends. Even, several high most firms directly approach candidates through social networking sites like LinkedIn etc. We can conjointly move with individuals of authority who might facilitate us in our careers.

  • Social Media: An Important element of the Business ways

    Social media skills have long-since stopped being considered a niche. Instead, it affects the manner whole organizations run and grow. It has become the first suggests that of obtaining the word out regarding your business.

  • How it helps in expanding a business?

    Social Media advertising is cheaper as compared to ancient advertising.
    It reaches all ages and demographics.
    it promotes two-way communication.
    You can share many things about your business on various platforms.


  • Social Media Has numerous Benefits for Students and Teachers

    It has become very easy to get knowledge from renowned experts and professionals through social media. You can easily follow anyone to enhance your knowledge. Regardless of your educational background, you can learn many skills without paying for them.

Youth and Drugs

  • It Can be Used for Noble Causes

    Yes, social media can be used for various causes like social welfare activities and promotion of Non-Government Organizations (NGOs). it helps people to discover various innovations that help them enhance their own lives. Every individual from can benefit from the awareness factor of social media.

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  • Social Media Helps in Building Communities

    It helps followers of various religions, nationalities to form communities in order to discuss and spread the word. Sports lovers can follow sports communities. Car lovers, music lovers can reminisce, converse and keep up to date with their hobbies. It is definitely not about exploitation. Rather, it is about service to the community.

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  • Social media Is a Way to Save Lives

    Lives don’t seem to be solely saved solely by 24-hour suicide bar hotlines. Spreading awareness and motivating people is important too. And assuring people that they are not alone – or the only ones with their set of problems – can be really important for some. a lot of websites now offer support through social platforms. Such sites are allowing people to share their experience with others and motivate them without fear of revealing their identities. What can be better than saving a life?

    Besides its positive, social media has its own negativity as well. It is desirable to discuss the negative impacts of social media in order to generate awareness among masses.


  • Mental Health

    Many mental health experts are very concerned about the impact that social media has on mental health. Some believe that the constant distraction of social media contributes to shortened attention spans. many people who regularly use Facebook or Twitter report high levels of stress.

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  • Spreading False News

The “fake news” has become commonplace and consumer confidence in even media outlets has been significantly eroded. Unfortunately, false, misleading, or confusing online content can harm your brand’s reputation, upset even loyal customers and can dissuade people from even considering the purchase of your products or services.

  • Unclear or unreliable health information

    Unfortunately, social media users might have unfold this infothat has caused readers to avoid gettingor maybe considering the product documented in these posts.

social media and its impact

  • Cyber bullying:

Bullying throughout childhood could be a major risk issue for variety of problems together with mental state, education and social relationships, with durable effects, usually carried all through to adulthood.

Many studies have shown that increased social media use has a significant association with poor sleep quality in young people. Using phones, and laptops at night before bed can also cause poor quality sleep. If someone will use laptop or phones in late nights then absolutely his/her sleep will disturbed because he will may wake up early in the morning for school, College or for Office so normal people needs from 6 to 8 hours of sleep in 24 hours. So if someone continuously only sleep 2 hours 3 hours 4 hours a day then absolutely he will be in dangerous soon and also it will make him or her badly ill.

  • Decreasing the Impact

It is the responsibility of the individual to use social networking constructively. fogeys should be particularly careful to watch their children’s use of social media to reduce the potential for negative outcomes. From this, we will not only save our children from immoral use of internet but also will teach them how to use things in better way.
  • To minimize the negative risk of social network use, consider the following tips:
    1. Always use maximum privacy settings.
    2. Be aware of what you share on social networking sites.
    3. Minimize the time you spend social networking.
    4. keep a check on your children’s social networking use and friend lists.
    5. Remind yourself that Facebook is not always an authentic source of reality.
    6. Stay connected with the family with online photos and posts.
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