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 14- Day Rule:

Pursuant to Florida Statute 627.733(1)(a), if a patient does not seek medical attention by a qualified specialist or entity within 14 days after the motor vehicle accident, his or her benefits will be eliminated.

Emergency Medical Condition (EMC) rule:

Many people get injured in auto accidents annually. Florida is one of the leading states for auto accidents due to many international drivers. When you or a loved one is involved in an auto-accident, you may experience some neck and back pain. It is very common for people to avoid health care treatment if the accident did not cause severe injuries. The common downfall for many people is to develop chronic issues as a result of their ostensibly minor accident. 

When a person normally has chronic pain they can visit their medical doctor to find a remedy. Many drivers are unaware of their state’s laws when dealing with automobile accidents. In Florida, like many PIP states, auto accident treatment is not primarily billed under health insurance.

Consequently, many medical and family medicine doctors will not treat auto accident victims in Florida, even if the injured patient is not a new patient. Pursuant to Florida law, regardless of who was at fault, the statute dictates that auto accident victims be treated under one’s auto insurance as a primary insurance, not their health insurance, as many would assume.

Because the majority of medical doctors do not accept auto insurance or will only initially evaluate a patient for major injuries like broken bones, but not continually see them due to the cause of the injury, many people are left untreated and unaware that they will be responsible for all future medical expenses caused by the auto accident if they are examined and treated in a timely manner.

For soft tissue injuries (i.e. neck and back pain), chiropractic care is usually the best solution for most people because it is a natural and effective method of recovering without using heaving narcotics or surgery.

This type of treatment usually restores range of motion, while reducing inflammation and scar tissue. One of the leading healthcare clinics in Central Florida is MMI Healthcare, with a stellar reputation in health care and customer service for over two decades. Unlike the traditional chiropractic office, MMI healthcare has full-time massage therapists, physical therapy, chiropractors, and medical doctors on staff to get you the care you need.

It is better to be safe in a PIP state like Florida and receive an initial evaluation after an auto accident to determine if you have a potentially long-term injuries or if you can gradually recover from future pain and suffering.

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