Is intermittent fasting really effective? 54 answers to this question

Intermittent fasting is one the most healthily and effective way to reduce your extra weight while improving your health.

Results usually came within first two weeks.

Here are some of the reasons, you should start implementing intermittent fasting whether you are a man or woman, young or old. Believe me, it will bring tremendous results to your body.

  1. One of the first reasons it that, you will experience immediate weight reduction
  2. Lower weight and body fat
  3. It will bring more energy
  4. Will make your skin clearer
  5. Will make you more active during sex
  6. Your hormones will be balanced
  7. Your immune system will get stronger
  8. You will be immune to sickness and many diseases
  9. Your body will generate more insulin resulting in rapid weight loss
  10. Your metabolism will increase
  11. It will allow you to purge excess water weight
  12. It will improve your energy levels
  13. Your daily energy levels will increase
  14. Digestion would be fast and will bring tremendous amount of energy
  15. You also will be hungrier during your day because of the sudden spike in blood sugar then a sudden crash will happen a few hours later.
  16. Intermittent fasting will transform your body inside and out
  17. You will be more prune to cognitive diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.
  18. Intermittent fasting can help you remain calm in stressful situations
  19. Allow you to increase muscle mass faster due to elevated levels of the human growth hormone.
  20. It will allow your mind your relax and keep quiet during spiritual practice
  21. You will have less dependency of food
  22. Your focus will improve
  23. You will start to smell differently
  24. You will look better
  25. You will stand out among others
  26. Your testosterone levels will increase
  27. Your skill will be clearer
  28. You will become more discipline in your life
  29. If you’re overweight you can lose over 18-20 kg’s over a period of 6-8 months with regular diet and intermittent fasting
  30. It increases insulin sensitivity
  31. Helps decrease insulin levels
  32. Protect again diabetes
  33. Your body will start burning sugar rapidly
  34. It will target fat to burn more rapidly
  35.  It helps control leptin and hunger hormones.
  36. It increases your metabolism, and metabolic rate. Therefore it helps with fat loss.
  37. It is linked to lowering bad cholesterol
  38. It helps in increasing Brain Health
  39. Helps with Inflammation
  40. Keeps your heart healthy
  41. You will have lower bad cholesterol levels
  42. Best anti-aging remedy
  43. It will help you increase more growth hormones in body
  1. It will Burn body fat to maintain lean body mass.
  2. It will build muscle by muscle recovery and repair.
  3. Slow down the aging process.
  4. Stimulate nail and healthy hair growth.
  5. Improve bone strength.
  6. Reduce inflammation and damages from free radicals.
  7. Regulate ghrelin level, the hunger hormone in the body.
  8. Prevent cancer and chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes because it normalizes insulin sensitivity.
  9. Improve immune function.
  10. The best time to try intermittent fasting is on your day off.
  11. It helps you sleep better at night

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