Ultimate guide to lose 20 pounds in a month without doing exercise as a female

This is the most asked question from many people especially females who wants to lose their weight without doing any exercise or workout.

Either those people are very busy that they don’t have time to manage gym or walk or they are just lazy (please don’t mind if you’re one of them).

Here are some of my weight reducing tips for people who don’t want to exercise.

If you’re a working women and do not have time to exercise, then this guide is for you. You can ultimately lose up to 20 pounds in a month by following it. We have made it very easy to follow.

1-Lose 20 pounds in a month by drinking water ALONE!

  • Drinking 3–4 liter water daily is good but the magic lies in timing.
  • Drink 2 glasses of water as you wake up in the morning
  • Drink 1 glass after one hour of breakfast
  • Drink 1 glass half an hour before lunch
  • Drink 2 glass half an hour after lunch
  • Drink 1 glass around 3 pm in the afternoon
  • Drink 1 glass 1 hour before your evening tea
  • Drink 1 glass 2 hour before dinner
  • Drink 1 glass 1 hour before dinner
  • Drink 2 glass half hour after dinner
  • Drink 1 glass 1 hour before you go to bed

*1 glass =300 ml water || total no of glasses=13 || quantity=3.9 liter

You should drink this much water to flush toxin out of body and improve your metabolism rate and improve digestion.

2- Eating habits

Create or follow a weight loss diet plan. I wouldn’t recommend you to eat things that you can’t afford. Follow the diet plan that’s simplistic and easy to follow for everyone

3- Your 1st meal of the day / Breakfast.

It’s a myth that eating a heavy calorie breakfast will help you in reducing weight. No, you are just adding extra calories in your meal because even if you eat a heavy breakfast, you will get hungry after 2-3 hours. That’s how metabolism works.


Break your breakfast into 2 or 3 portions. Eat some bread, egg and coffee and some walnuts or fruits after 2-3 hours. It will keep you satisfied. This process will help you lose weight much more quickly.


  • You should definitely eat salad with chilies in your lunch.
  • Try to eat a balanced diet which includes sufficient amount of carbs, protein and fats.
  • Include Green leafy vegetable (spinach/cabbage/broccoli/cauliflower/kale) -50–100 gram in your daily diet
  • Milk product (cheese/curd)-50 gm
  • Multigrain bread (roti/bread)
  • Protein (meat/chickpea/beans/lentils)-dry without gravy
  • Eat one banana after lunch (banana is your friend in weight loss)

These are must and depending on your work or timetable you can add things to it.

Try making a lunch chart so there should be a consistency in your diet. This is not compulsory that you must eat a full-fledged balanced diet daily but you should make a chart that is convenient for you so that you follow it on weekly basis. It would help you reduce a lot of weight without exercise.


Eat light and go to bed only after 3 hours of your dinner

Eat soup (you should literally eat soup, make it thick, and use 5 kind of vegetables. You can add different types of sauces to add flavor in it too)

Avoid milk product and juices (as much as possible)

Eat brown rice or semi-steamed rice (on alternate days only)

Multigrain bread (roti/bread)

Eat protein dishes on alternate days only.

After eating dinner, your stomach should be at least 40% empty. This is also very important that you should not drink water after your food.

And do a 20 minute walk after dinner, don’t seat after eating dinner, WALK.


Following these things will make you healthy but it will not make you fit. Little bit of exercise is important for proper functioning of muscle and joint. Some pointer that can really help in your journey of losing weight

Walk 5-6 kilometer daily and do 45 minute exercise daily. Sure you can reduce your excess weight without exercise but with exercise you can achieve the result faster and it will last longer.


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