How does ketogenic diet work in bodybuilding?

How does ketogenic diet work in bodybuilding

It must be understood:

1). Ketogenic diet relies on the release of Ketones inside the body.

2). Ketones are released in the body when the level of insulin is extremely low due to absence of carbs or carbs being less than 50 gms per day.

3). Insulin is a fat storage hormone that spikes in the presence of carbs, which is converted to glucose.

4). Muscle-Building requires a certain level of insulin in the body for easy and better absorption of glucose into the muscle tissue to be stored as glycogen.

5). Ketogenic state means lack of enough insulin, thus ketone release to burn fat as fuel.

6). Best approach is to follow Carb Cycling. Follow ketogenic diet during the cutting phases and Moderate Carb diet during bulking phases.

7). Muscle-Building and simultaneous Fat-Loss is not the most efficient approach to bodybuilding in advanced stages. Here, Diet-Cycling comes in to play.

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