How can I lose 5 kgs of weight in 15 days as a female – 43 Secret Tips

What I’m about to tell you is the thing that you won’t believe.

YOU CAN LOSE 5kgs of your weight in just 10 DAYS.


You can easily lose 5kgs of your weight in just 10 days. Now, you will be thinking…

  • What? How am I going to lose weight in just 10 days? Like seriously?
    • Yes, seriously
  • What should I do to achieve these results?
    • You just have to read the tips and guidelines, I have written in this article. And you have to implement them too.
  • Yeah, of course I will implement them. What am I here for then?
    • Yes, you are pumped up, and want to know eagerly that how I would lose 5 kgs in just 10 days, so here you go.

Mind blowing tips that would help you reduce 5-10 kgs of weight in just 10 days.

Weight loss is a process of strong willpower plus clean and healthy eating. I am suggesting you some weight reducing tips. Follow these and I am 100% sure that you will lose your weight

  1. Willpower and strong mindset

Do 1 thing right now. Just look at yourself and tell yourself that you are looking good but you will look better after reducing some extra fat. You can create a better and more enhanced version of you just by losing some extra fat. Just make your mind realize its importance

2. No sugar, no salt and no refined flour

You have to commit yourself that you will not eat any sugar for the rest of your life and will leave all sort of packaged food. Alongside this you will slowly reduce salt from your life and would eventually leave i

3. No cheating

4. You have to make a promise to yourself that you wouldn’t cheat from your healthy diet plan. Just once a time cheating is more than enough to screw everything

  • Water

5. Water is your best friend on your journey of weight loss. Have some warm lemon water in the morning. You should also drink warm water with apple cider vinegar before your meals. Drink 4-5 liters of water every day and also drink good amount of water after waking up. Water cleanses your body and drain out harmful or excess materials through urine.

  • Adequate protein meals

6. Eat good amount of soya chunks, Bengal grams, cottage cheese, legumes and sprouted moong during your day

  • Consume Good and healthy fat

7. I think by now, you must have knowledge about good fats and bad fats. Let me summarize, if you don’t have. Good fats are essential for your body, they keep your body running and are very essential for your body. Whereas, bad fat are not good for your health for example ice-cream, pizza, burgers and junk food are bad fat.

8. You should consume good fat like avocado, peanut butter, cheese and walnut after calculating your micros and macros.

  • Fibers

9. Green leafy vegetables are the good source of fiber. You can always consume these in good amount, they are very good to health too. Cook them with spray of oil and use them in your daily routine

10. Take green tea two times every day for a whole month without any milk or coffee

  • HIIT

11. HIIT workout is very effective for healthy weight reduction process. It works for all body parts and core muscles. Include squats, burpees, push-ups in your daily routine.

  • Be consistent

12. By following these hacks you will start to lose 2-3 kgs a week up to 5 kgs for heavier ladies but it totally depends on your starting weight

  • Limit your liquor

13. Start slow then limit your liquor intake to just 1 or 2 cups per week no more than that. It would be beneficial for you that you shouldn’t drink beverages and liquor at all.

14. All breakfasts on the eating regimen can be swapped with different breakfasts, snacks with snacks and suppers with meals.

  • Coffee intake

15. If you’re a coffee lover, then you should drink 2 – 3 cups of black coffee daily. You can drink more by consulting your doctor

What should I eat during my weight loss process?

Here are list of 26 food that you can consume during your weight loss process. These are very health friendly and helps you reduce weight as well as give you energy to do your daily work

  1. Vegetable sticks and ¼ container hummus (600kJ);
  2. 1 bit of leafy foods modest bunch of nuts (400kJ);
  3. 100g common yogurt with berries, cinnamon and almonds (400kJ)
  4. 1 little latte (400kJ)
  5. 2 Corn Thins with 1 teaspoon no included sugar nutty spread (400kJ)
  6. Make a yogurt paddle pop (with leafy foods) (450kJ)
  7. Solidified grapes and bananas (480kj)
  8. Natural product smoothie with included fiber or grain (400kJ)
  9. 4 squares dark chocolate (400kJ)
  10. Green smoothie (mix up celery, cucumber, lime, ginger, mint) (insignificant).
  11. 1 apple and 1 matchbox-sized serve full-fat cheddar (700kJ);
  12. Vegetable sticks and ¼ container hummus (600kJ);
  13. 1 bit of products of the soil modest bunch of nuts (400kJ);
  14. 100g characteristic yogurt with berries, cinnamon and almonds (400kJ)
  15. 1 little latte (400kJ)
  16. 2 Corn Thins with 1 teaspoon no included sugar nutty spread (400kJ)
  17. Make a yogurt paddle pop (with products of the soil) (450kJ)
  18. Solidified grapes and bananas (480kj)
  19. Natural product smoothie with included fiber or wheat (400kJ)
  20. 4 squares dull chocolate (400kJ)
  21. Green smoothie (mix up celery, cucumber, lime, ginger, mint) (insignificant).
  22. 1 serve of rice or pasta = a clench hand
  23. Use fat burner supplements like apple cider vinegar, garcinia cambogia, coffee beans extracts.
  24. 1 bit of meat, fish or chicken = the size and width of a deck of cards
  25. 1 serve of cheddar = one cut, or 4 little shapes that could fit in a matchbox
  26. 1 serve of margarine = at the tip of your fingertip

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