Green tea Benefits:Serving green tea

What contains in green tea?

Do you know Green Tea contents bioactive compounds that improve health?  Drink up to 25 Cups in a day or in 24 hours is enough. it is very good for decreasing the risk of stomach cancer. If someone is trying to lose weight to Boost metabolism then green tea is very effective and very good for health.
The compound which is included in green tea can improve the brain function and make you smarter. But here keep in mind that drinking more green tree is dangerous for the heart. Green tea is also not good for the teeth patients.

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Green tea for brain functions

It also contains amino acid L-theanine, which can work synergistically with cougine which improve your brain functions. Mean it is better for brain function.
Green tea also increases fat burning and improve physical performance. Green tea can help you to improve your health and physical performance by burning fat in the body.
However, some studies show that green tea can boost the metabolic rate and also increases fat burning in the short term.

Green tea in cancer

Green tea is an excellent source of power for antioxidants. It can reduce the risk of cancer such as breast cancer prostate cancer colorectal cancer.
Green tea will help you in young age and when you will old. It can lower your risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Green tea is also very good for the skin. It will keep your face fresh.

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Green tea for sugar patients

Green tea can level then sugar. For sugar patients, it can help you too but not in all cases.
It is it also reduces the risk of cardiovascular. it means the disease encoding heart disease and stroke which are the biggest causes of deaths in the world. If people of the world started to drink green tea more and it will trend then we can control on cardiovascular.
So I can say green chicken total and leg cholesterol as protect the ideal particles from oxidation which is helping us to keep safe from cardiovascular diseases.

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Which country takes the green tea mostly?

Green tea is originated in China but it is still famous all over Asia especially in Afghanistan and Pakistan’s provinces near to Afghanistan. In Pakistan and Afghanistan people taking green tea every day and they are talking to more than once in a day.
They are taking green tea three times a day. First when they wake up in the morning before eating anything or before breakfast then after 10 o’clock a.m. After lunch, they are taking the green tea too and sometimes they are taking the tea at night after dinner. They serve green tea to the guests as a pride.
This tea is also famous in China, Japan, and many Asian countries.

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Green tea benefits for kidney patients

Green tea can help in the kidney. When stones in the kidney, so if someone takes much green tea then probably his or her stones will slip from the kidney and take out in your body in urine. Insured green tea can help you to make yourself healthy and fat. It will help in decrease Calories and make yourself smarter.Green tea with lamun

Green tea types

Remember there are a lot of qualities of green tea. Green tea categorized according to their qualities. Also, there is a difference in prices too. Cytotec best Green Tea and try to take two cups minimum in a day.

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