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Indian cuisine is widely known for its lively spices, fresh herbs and wide diversity of rich flavors.

Though food preferences differ throughout India, most people follow a plant-based diet.

Around 80% of the Indian people practices a vegetarian or lacto-vegetarian diet.

The Indian diet majorly consists of a high intake of foods like vegetables, lentils and fruits, as well as a low or no consumption of meat. That means less use of protein and more consumption of carbohydrates and fats during daily lives. Which means it is very easy for body to start storing fat and putting on those extra kilos and lead towards Obesity.

Obesity is a rising matter in the India. With the rising availability of processed foods, India has seen a surge in obesity and obesity-related chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

In this article we have explained how to follow a healthy Indian vegetarian diet that can promote weight loss. 

How Does A Vegetarian Diet Aid Quick Weight Loss?

Research Shows A Vegetarian Diet Is Low In Calories.

A study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition confirmed that people who were on a vegetarian diet ate less calories than those on food with high-protein meat. Consuming fewer calories is the first tactical step toward weight loss. Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, etc. are obviously low in calories.

However, just eating low calories are not fruitful for long-term weight loss. And consuming a high amount of veggies and fruits without limit may hinder weight loss.

Here is a simple Indian vegetarian meal and diet plan which you can easily follow for your excess weight reduction.

This plan is generally made without keeping calories in mind. All the beginners can follow it without second thought. Follow this diet plan for 2 weeks after that, move on to the 1800 calories per day menu!

Early Morning – 1 cup of warm tea or 1 cup skimmed milk + 1 small methi (fenugreek) parantha

Breakfast – 1 bowl curd or 2 glass of buttermilk + 2 bowls poha 0r two bowl oats + 2 egg whites or 25g paneer + 1 small size fruit + 1 tablespoon oil/butter

Snacks – 1 medium size apple/orange or medium slice of papaya

Lunch – 3 medium chapatis + 1 bowl cooked rajma (red kidney beans) + 2 bowl mix vegetable salad + 1 bowl curd + 2 tablespoon oil

Snacks – 1 cup of coffee or warm tea + 2 cream cracker biscuits

Dinner – 2 medium chapattis + 1 bowl soybean nuggets + 1 bowl cooked vegetables + 1 bowl salad + ½ cup mixed cut fruit + 2 tablespoon oil/butter

Bedtime – 1 cup of milk or 1 bowl of curd

An Ideal 1800 Calorie Indian Diet for Non-Vegetarians

This is a diet plan which is made for those people who are calorie conscious. This is 1800 per day calorie meal plan.

Early Morning – 1 cup of warm tea or 1 cup skimmed milk + 1 small methi (fenugreek) parantha or 2 slices of brown bread

Breakfast – 1 whole egg + 4 egg whites scrambled + topped with tomato salsa + 1 cup cut melon

Snacks – ½ cup non-fat cottage cheese

Lunch – Leafy greens (lettuce, spinach) – any amount + 160g chopped mixed vegetables (carrots, peppers, tomato) + 170g grilled chicken breast + 150g cooked white beans + 2 tablespoons salad dressing + ½ mango

Snacks – 30g soy nuts + carrot and celery sticks

Dinner – 2 chapatis + medium bowl butter chicken + 1 cups roasted Brussels sprouts + 2 tablespoon olive oil (for Brussels sprouts) + steamed kale, spinach or Swiss chard with vinegar + ½ small sweet potato sprinkled with ginger

Bedtime – 1 cup milk + 1 tablespoon peanut butter.

And here comes the WORKOUT part.

Ideal Exercise Routine to Follow During Vegetarian Diet

  • Now that you are on a Vegetarian diet, you simply cannot workout the way you did before. You need to make necessary change that suits your diet. You should know that if you indulge yourself in a rigorous exercise during a low-calorie diet, your body will start craving for more calories and that’s something you don’t wish to happen.
  • One of the best things that you can do whilst on a Vegetarian diet to lose weight faster and tone your body is – CARDIO. Perform aerobics at least thrice a week for no longer than 20-30 minutes.
  • Alternative to aerobic exercise, you can also do treadmill, cycling and running twice or thrice per week. However, stay away from the high-intensity workouts during this diet plan.
  • You can also perform total body strength training workout just in case you don’t want to lose your hard earned muscles. A couple of strength training sessions per week will also help you to maintain lean muscle mass.
  • However, you should never forget that you are on a Vegetarian diet which means you don’t treat yourself in exhausting workouts day in day out. Just go for 2-3 moderate-intensity exercise session per week so that you don’t unnecessarily invite your cravings.

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