Effects of sleep on health
Effects of sleep on health

Did you know that you could even di due to lack of sleep? Yes “die” you heard it right!!
Nowadays lives have become much complicated, people have to work day and night to earn
because earning is not an easy job. The only reason is that peoples desire to have a better and
even better lifestyle is increasing is every single day. Well to do this they surely have to
compromise with few things so that they could work more and that one thing everyone
compromises the most with is sleep. Unaware of how it could affect your health. We are discussing some Effects of sleep on health

  • sickness due to sleep
    sickness due to sleep


Sleep deprivation is one of the bad things that can lead you to several serious health problems like
heart attack, heart failure, Diabetes, High blood pressure, strokes, irregular heartbeat etc. And
these diseases will eventually lead you to death. Apart from these serious diseases loss of sleep
may also make your brain slow and you may feel difficulty in doing simple everyday tasks and
making your thinking and learning ability very weak. As due to lack of sleep the attention,
alertness, reasoning, problem solving and concentration is impaired at first. Making it difficult to

  • effects of sleep on health
    effects of sleep on health


Moreover, people with less than 7 hours of sleep usually gain more weight than those who sleep
more than 7 hours every day, so if you guys want to stay fit then more than 7 hours of sleep is
recommended. It is also believed that the reason behind the weight gain due to lack of sleep is
because of a reduced level of chemical released that makes you feel full called leptin and also
the chemical that makes you feel hungry is secreted more called ghrelin. These are effects of sleep on health

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Sleep also has a direct connection with fertility as conceiving a baby has claimed by many
parents as a difficulty. And the reason behind this is that due to sleep deficiency the secretion of
reproductive hormones decrease and certainly making a tough job for couples making a baby. In
fact, the lack of sleep also causes a major decrease in sex drive and the testosterone in men
decreases. Therefore for a healthy family life, proper sleep is a must factor. These issues are also effects of sleep on health

lack of sleep

Effects of sleep on health


Well although these problems may seem that they are already too much but wait that’s not it yet.
For the beauty conscious people, this is especially for you. You must have noticed that due to a few
sleepless nights’ puffy eyes and sallow skin is experienced. But that’s not the only thing that

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Actually, when we sleep less, more stress hormone called cortisol is released which
causes the breakdown of skin collagen. And due to the breakdown of this collagen, your skin no
more stays smooth and elastic. Moreover, due to sleep loss, the human growth hormone is
released in a very much lesser quantity. The same hormones those help in growth in young age
and helps in strengthen bones, thicken skin and increase muscle mass as we age. As a result,
making us feel weak and look ugly.

memory loss

Thinking of improving your memory? Try sleeping as much as you can. French and American
researchers, in 2009 found that “sharp wave ripples” which are the brain events, help in
consolidating memory. The same ripples also transfer learned information which is stored in the part of the brain called hippocampus to the other part of the brain where long-term memory is
stored, called cortex of the brain. Problems with memories are also Effects of sleep on health


Furthermore, sleep deficiency may affect our ability to interpret events. Making us face difficulty
in making sound decisions due to us being unable to assess situations and act on them wisely.
And it is common between people those are sleep-deprived that they usually making poor
judgments and always stay tired, even stressed.

The world of today is increasingly fast-paced, doing less sleep and working more has become a badge of honor. But according to the sleep specialists if you think less sleep is fine then you’re probably wrong. And if your profession requires you to work analytically and wisely then this might be a big problem.

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Studies have proved that over a period of time people getting six hours of sleep regularly instead of eight or seven, start feeling that they have adapted to it and it’s no longer a problem for them. But if they
test themselves for their performance and mental alertness, they would see a vivid picture of their
results going downhill. These also cause of Effects of sleep on health

a perfect sleep

But to be honest there is only one way to catch on sleep that you have lost and that is more and
more sleep. It is very obvious that you just cannot compensate your months of sleepless nights
with just one or two nights of proper sleep so you have to make it routine to sleep more than
seven hours. The recovery might take weeks but this is totally worth it. A most important key to
a healthy life is proper sleep.

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Many of you might think that this would not be possible for them and they don’t understand how
they could do it, so I will make it easier for them. Start the process from your weekends, try
sleeping early on your weekends and allow your body to wake you up the next morning. And
please note NO ALARMS ALLOWED. And then try sleeping early every day. This process will
eventually change your sleep cycle and you will start to live a healthy and happy life, feeling
fresh and boosted every day. These are the some most important Effects of sleep on health

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