45 Weight Reduction Tips to follow during lockdown

Weight loss diet for women and men during COVID-19 lockdown epidemic

At the start of 2020, you made a New Year resolution that you will eat healthily, will do regular exercise and will reduce your extra body weight?

Perhaps, that time has come, and you have to do something about it now. You can start with small, gradual steps.

So let’s face it. You are in your home, completely locked down from the outer world. You have nothing to do. You eat, sleep, and Netflix most of the day.

By binge-watching Netflix and binge eating and snacking, you have put on excess weight, and now you are worried about it.

Don’t worry; we have compiled some weight loss tips and some quarantine exercises that you can easily follow during this lockdown. These 45 tips will help you lose some extra weight and will make you active.

  1. Try to cut back on salt
  2. Try to have most meals 4-5 hours before your sleep time
  3. Try not to snacking
  4. Try to stick to a balanced diet
  5. Try to cut down carbs and sugar
  6. Try not to drink sodas and carbohydrate drinks
  7. Include as many seasonal fruits and veggies in your diet
  8. Eat 2-3 fruits every day. Most fruits and vegetables are enriched with fiber that promotes weight reduction.
  9. Eat frequently
  10. Break your one large meal into 4 5 smaller meals
  11. Eating often will increase your metabolism and will help in reducing your weight quick
  12. Cut back on processed foods, tinned cans
  13. Have a hearty breakfast. A good breakfast does wonders for your metabolism
  14. Start your day with honey, lemon, and water
  15. Try to start intermittent fasting. There’s a 16:8 fasting window. You can start it today
  16. Drink lots of water. It sure makes a huge difference
  17. If you can’t do Intermittent fasting, try to avoid snacking and binge eating
  18. Drink black coffee. It would make you active and will make you feel less urge of food
  19. Try to consume wholesome foods
  20. Make your meals look good
  21. Add fiber products in your diet
  22. When eating, no matter how tasty your food avoids eating to full
  23. Stay on a calorie deficit diet
  24. Chew your food well
  25. Try to increase your physical activity
  26. You don’t have to be perfect. Just start already
  27. One day of bad eating doesn’t mean you have ruined it all. Don’t be depressed start over
  28. Don’t eat the same food every day; variety is everything
  29. Cut cakes, sugar, ice-cream
  30. Avoid fried items, burgers, pizza
  31. Try to eat dinner before sunset
  32. Breakfast should be the heaviest meal and dinner the least
  33. Have caffeine twice a day.
  34. Avoid stress.
  35. Sleep well.
  36. Exercise an empty stomach in the morning.
  37. Run.
  38. Hydrate yourselves.
  39. Cardio.
  40. Avoid junk foods.
  41. Minimize carbs and fats.
  42. Eat vegetarian food.
  43. Eat on time at 11 am lunch and 7 pm dinner at night if you feel hungry to take juice or lemon water.
  44. Take ginger and honey in the morning tea.
  45. Avoid sleeping in the day time

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