Flue issue
Flue issue

Common health issues and their remedies will be discuss in detail below.

Winter is Nature’s way of saying “Up Yours”
(Robert Bryne)

The changing colors of leaves, a slight chill in the air, especially in the evenings and the heat from the sun were not as bothersome anymore are the signs of winter’s arrival.

Literally, winter is a season full of enormous delight. Providing much-needed respite from the torrid and sweaty summer sun. But, in spite of providing blissful comfort to human life, it also brings harsh and dry conditions. It can affect your health. Common health issues and their remedies

  • Common health issues and their remedies

Health issues like the flu, dry skin, painful joints, asthma, and heart attacks are common issues during the winter.  If not treated properly, these issues are capable of endangering for your health severely.

If you want to enjoy the blissfulness of winters fearlessly, you need to take some precautionary measures in order to keep your health safe and sound till the arrival of darling spring.

So, let’s discuss those troublesome health issues and their remedies with some detail.

  • The Flu

    First discusss Flue, Common health issues and their remedies. Everyone knows that winter is also flu season. But, exactly why this virus tends to hit harder mostly from November to March is debatable. Although some health experts claim that the spread of flu virus depends on one’s lifestyle factors. Like spending more time indoors can curtail Vitamin D group of fat soluble secosteroid essential for healthy bones, teeth and muscles.

    In order to avoid such  awful situations, experts emphasize that you should spend at least 30 minutes daily in the sunlight. Which is a direct and natural source of Vitamin-D.

Studies have also shown that the flu viruses spread through the air. They’re able to stay in the air longer in cold seasons. Therefore, the flu is actually more likely to be trasferred on your way. That doesn’t mean that you keep yourself indoors all time. Go and enjoy the winter season.

Instead, make sure you get enough rest and regular exercises. Stay hydrated and eat a nutritious. Well-balanced diet, to keep yourself healthy enough in order to tackle the enemy of the flu virus.Dry skin image of girl

  • Dry Skin

    The issue of dry skin is common in winters. It can lead to serious cracks. That are not only the source of pain but can even lead to infections, if they’re not properly cared of. Our faces and hands are most likely to be exposed to water and cold conditions. That is why our skin becomes more rough and harsh during winters.

    In order to combat the enemy. Apply a good skin lotion that contains petroleum jelly to lock in moisture. When you go outside, always try to wear gloves to keep your hands protected from the harshness of cold weather. Lastly, moisturize your hands and face at night.

    joint hurts
    joint hurts
  • Issue of Painful Joints- Joints hurts

    Let’s discuss Joint hurts, Common health issues and their remedies. With the arrival of winter the temperature and barometric pressure-also known as atmospheric pressure suddenly decreases. The gradual drops in the temperature and atmospheric pressure trigger joint pain. This issue is mostly common among the older generation. Studies show that the younger generation is also feeling the same dilemma. There is a continuous rise in the victims of joint pain with each passing year. It is important to dress warmly if you suffer from joint pain. It is also important to keep up with regular exercise during the winter months since a lack of physical activity can cause joints to stiffen.

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    Asthma disease
  • Asthma

    Winter can create issue for you if you have difficulty breathing as cold and dry air triggers asthma attacks (May God save us all from this disease). The dry and windy weather that many parts of the world experience in the winter can stir up pollen. Which makes asthma sufferers more vulnerable to attacks.

    But staying indoors all the winter is not a good idea for anyone and could lead to other health issues. The best possible way for asthma sufferers is to start by keeping a diary. So that you can understand exactly what type of weather conditions trigger trouble for you? Then, do your best to pay attention to weather reports which can also contain information about pollen.

    Flue, Dry skin and Asthma are also Common health issues and their remedies discussed above.

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  • Heart Attack

    When your body is suddenly exposed to cold temperatures, your blood vessels constrict which tends to cause a heart attack. Cardiologists warn heart patients to avoid going outside half dressed during winters. They also advise dressing in layers, so that it’s easy to remove articles of clothing if you get too warm.

If you do some form of physical activity while you are all bundled up. Your body can overheat, causing your blood vessels to dilate and dramatically lowering your body’s blood pressure.

Combine one these scenarios with overexertion and you’ve got a serious mismatch between blood supply and demand. Which exactly leads to a heart attack. It is why severe cold weather can extremely risky. So, if you live in the particularly snowy part of the country. You need to dress properly in order to lessen the chances of a heart attack.man depression art

  • Remedies for these common issues

The above all are the Common health issues and their remedies. Briefly, everything on this earth has both positive and negative impacts. So it is same in the case of winter, as it tends to cause health issues. It also brings joy, happiness, and relief for us as well. So, keep yourself healthy and safe by taking some precautionary steps. Enjoy the delights of winters with full zeal. Enjoy the blissfulness of the cold weather. which it offers to human life with full potential. Try to keep yourself healthy too because “Preservation of health is easier than the cure of the disease”.

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