How to lose weight this Ramadan and keep it off entirely

It might be normal for you and thousand other Muslims that every Ramadan we gained weight until last year because of the binge eat after Maghrib. Don’t worry, I will give you an ultimate weight loss diet plan that would help you to lose some kilos during Ramadan and (with some efforts of course) and the entire year completely with some extra efforts daily.

So I have researched and gathered a list of questions that would be in your mind. I am answering each of the questions in a simplified and easy way. Make sure to share this article among your friends and family so that they can get its benefits too.

Some diet plans to lose your weight this Ramadan 2021

Diet plan #1: walk 30-40 minutes prior breaking your fast during or after ramzan. Drink a chicken corn soup as the first meal of the day. After finishing your prayers, have a large salad followed by main protein course. You can eat kababs, tikka, and chicken curry with bread or chapatti, whatever you like but no sweets, carbohydrate drinks or fried food whatsoever.

Diet plan #2: if you don’t have sufficient energy to walk prior breaking your fast, then break your fast with soup and after your prays do a 30-40 minutes’ walk or workout. After that, eat your large salad and protein meal. No sweets, carbohydrate drinks or fried food whatsoever.

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